Meet the WHISP Team

Meet the WHISP


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Steve Doumar 

Revenue Pioneer

Founder & CEO

David R. Teodosio

New Journey Innovator

Executive Vice President

Mike Zuckerberg

Listening Hero

VP of Sales

Todd Westra

Marketing Architect


Taylor Boucher

Problem Wrangler

VP of Marketing

Azhar Shaukat

API Genius

VP of Engineering

Steve Giacobbo

Telephony Jedi


Paul Levasseur

Telephony Scientist

VP of Telephony

Mitch Kass

Licensed Deal Maker

Senior Legal Counsel

Josh Holladay

Senior Sales Executive

Nate Kozlowski

Director of Marketing

Cortney Remund

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Ryan

VP of Customer Success

Terry Lyn Rollon

Support Services Manager

Ana Marie Pagobo

Portal Support Manager

Herschel Pono

Client Engagement Manager

Christine Allen Flores

Sales Support Manager

Chris Verzosa

Creative Support

Darleen Reyes

Marketing Assistant

Andrew Ganine

Client Support

Creliza Jaca

Client Support

Camille Uro

Sales Support

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